Bio Photo: Kayla Silber
Website cover Photo: Nicolas Troncin

About Martin Árpád

Born in Paris, raised back and forth between France and the USA ever since, I've been immersed in both cultures for so long, one does not define me more than the other. My friends in France call me "L'Américain," when people in LA refer to me as "Frenchie." 

Fulfilling my lifelong desire to settle in the United States, 2017 has been an incredibly rich year in terms of personal growth, skills development and creative self-expression. I have found my purpose and am clear about how my broad set of skills and never-ending curiosity serves production work and film development.

This portfolio isn't only about showcasing the work I have done in the past few years, more so about the storytelling behind each unique project. As a Creative Producer, my aim is to consistently work out of passion and authenticity. Anything else is just not worth anyone's time.


I'm looking forward to creating magic with you.